Holly, Snow, and Mistletoe

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“So what you're saying is, if we're caught under these—” Eiji's gaze darts doubtfully to the mistletoe, then back to Ash, “we have to kiss? Seriously?”

“It's tradition,” Ash insists. “You know, for good luck.”


5+1 fluffy Christmas vignettes with Ash and Eiji.


This is my Banana Fish Secret Santa 2018 gift fic for @moonlighlark on Twitter. Happy Holidays! 5+1 Ash/Eiji Christmas vignettes.

Holly, Snow, and Mistletoe
by spare

#1: Christmas Decorations for Chang Dai

Can you even reach it, 'big bro'?” Ash asks from below him, delivering it in that amused, deliberately needling tone that never fails to drive Eiji up the wall.

Or the stepladder, as the current case may be, helping hang holly and other holiday decorations in Chang Dai in time for the yuletide season... If he could reach high enough to affix the darned things, that is.

Which he should be able to. Absolutely.

“Of course I can.” Eiji huffs this as much to himself as to Ash. So saying, he takes another step up the ladder and stretches his arms out, determined to deck the restaurant's halls, as the song goes, with his first holly bough. The scant few centimeters Ash has on him are nothing. If he could just—


Too late, Eiji finds he's over-reached himself. He stumbles mid-rung, and, unable to regain his footing, comes tumbling backfirst off the ladder and onto—

Something softer than the floor, fortunately.

Ow! Damn!”

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I've started writing again! At last. And what took me out of it was a translation project. Myun.

More later. Maybe.
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monica kid

Maldita Kong Puso (Tentative Title), Excerpt

Notes: The following is an excerpt taken from Chapters 1 and 2 of my current work in progress (na pang-Desire!), Maldita Kong Puso, which is half-way done at the moment and is taking me more than six months to finish.  Miss Apple of my favorite publishing company, MSV's Bookware Publishing, kindly tweeted me recently to ask re status of it.  Laking hiya ko, 'day!  I'm slow.  As in really slow.  And my being obsessed with Fenris in Dragon Age 2 and day job concerns aren't helping.  In any case,  here's Collapse )


Happy Valentine's!

I have a confession to make. The manuscript of which the following 'prologue' belongs to is one that I've been working on for almost a year. I fail hard. (It's in Tagalog, btw, not full English).
Oh where, oh where is my Harlequin? And WTF with the xxxHolic 'ending'?!? Come on, CLAMP... T-T

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Fanart: Kuroshitsuji sketches

Currently fan-girling over Kuroshitsuji (watched both seasons of the anime, very much hooked now on the manga). And so, after virtual semi-retirement from mid-twenties otaku-dom, I did a few rough sketches of the main characters, Ciel and Sebastian. Slightly edited from the original pencil sketches (cross-hatch brush effect courtesy of Photoshop). Will color in the far-off, not-so-busy-with-writing future.


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You can also view them at my deviantart account.
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To Dante...

... the real Dante, and not the weirdo that Ninja Theory and Capcom are shoving down our throats.

So, uh, this is a nice sentimental video that I found when going Japanese mode in youtube:

It healed me. Along with watching the anime.

I felt so sad after watching the Tokyo Game Show 2010 trailer of DmC. What in the world is Capcom thinking?
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Blaine is a pain. And that is the truth.

... And so is my current bout with writer's block... well, writer's laziness? Problem with plot? Extra-curricular activities (trying to make my own rpg using RMXP, yay. I'm a scripting n00b, btw)?

I've read and re-read my current draft + plot outline of my WIP, tentatively titled Rainbow's End (albeit now I'm leaning towards its Tagalog, more poetic-sounding equivalent, Sa Dulo ng Bahaghari), and I really, really think the story as it is right now just wouldn't do. So I really, really need to rewrite the darned thing.


I do have other projects on hand, but I was so looking forward to finishing this current one. *Sigh* *Sigh* *Mope*